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Pet Food

Should I Make My Own Pet Food?

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Many dog and cat owners have started looking at making their own pet foods in a bid to save money and provide healthier and more organic meals for their beloved four-legged friends. Some commercial pet foods on the market can be quite unhealthy, as is true for human foods too. As we’ve started to think more about the foods we put in our own bodies, so too have we started to look at what goes in our pets’ bodies. Continue reading


A Responsible Approach to Choosing Pets

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Pets can make a great addition to many households, from single-person houses and flats to large family homes. However, before people go ahead and welcome new creatures into their properties, it’s important for them to think carefully about whether or not they will be able to look after them properly.

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How to Transport Your Dog To The Vet

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Transporting your dog at any time, for any reason, can be a big challenge. Dogs are very territorial, and so exposure to new environments can cause great stress. Cars, in particular, are relatively enclosed spaces, and dogs can feel claustrophobic. Additionally, of course, cars move and this can cause further distress to an animal. Continue reading