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Pet Food

Sustaining Your Cat Canned Food; Not Just A Treat Anymore

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As a component of my wellness visits I dependably attempt to examine nourishment. I discover that when asked, generally feline managers are even now sustaining solely dry sustenance. At the time I recommend adding or changing over the feline to a canned eating methodology, generally take a gander at me wide-eyed and shout, “But I supposed canned sustenance was terrible for my feline!” I am here to not just give your feline consent to consume canned nourishment yet to energize it as their sole method of nourishment. Continue reading

Pet Food

Is Canned Sustenance only a Treat?

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Numerous individuals use the canned nourishment as a treat or beat dressing notwithstanding their pets’ dry suppers. If you have a feline or a pooch generally can’t oppose the engaging scent and delicate texture of canned sustenance.As a nutritionist I had to ask: Is there a dietary profit to nourishing canned? There totally could be! Wouldn’t it be great if we could take a gander at what canned nourishment needs to offer:

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Pet Health

After The Dust Settles: Post-Disaster Return to Normalcy for Pets

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We’re everything really acclimated to pondering fiasco readiness for ourselves and our friends and family even with later mega-fiascos like the later tornado obliteration in Oklahoma, the seismic tremor and tidal wave in Japan and super storm Sandy, to name yet a couple. There are sites and books aplenty committed to arranging departure tracks and making records of indispensible supplies, and my individual Phc blogger, Melissa Rice, has made a doozy of a piece of work her going hand in hand with piece on calamity readiness. Continue reading