Being a horse owner is a fulltime job! 

One would need to care for their four-legged babies all year round, especially during the extreme seasons – the winter, the summer and the rainy season! 

Hence it is established that investing in stable rugs is a must especially when one plans on owning horses. But are there certain factors that one would need to consider before buying a horse or stable rugs? 

Sure there are! 

Here is a rundown of some of them – 

Be sure to choose a rug based on when and what it will be used for!

All horse rugs are not alike. 

Some are meant for indoor use while others are, by default, meant for outdoor use. If you are investing in a horse rug that would protect your horse while it is inside the stable then invest in an indoor horse rug. 

If you want to protect your horse while it is outside grazing, exercising or simply out with you for a stroll, be sure to invest in a horse rug designed for outdoor use!

The overall quality of the rug filling and the weight of the rug

It is best to choose horse rugs that are made using artificial breathable materials – especially if you want to keep your horse clean and safe while it is grazing out in the sun, on a summer afternoon! 

Furthermore, be sure to choose a horse rug that has several layers of filling inside it if you are choosing a rug meant to keep your horse protected during the winter season.

Be sure to choose the correct size of the rug

While choosing a horse rug, you should pay close attention to the overall size of the same. If the rug is not in the right size then it might not fit your horse properly, causing the animal to feel uncomfortable and irritated. 

A wrong sized horse rug can also restrict the natural movement of the horse which can lead to trips and falls leading to injuries!

It is evident that stable or horse rugs don’t come cheap. Hence, choosing the right type and brand will not only return satisfactory results but also ensure that you are not bleeding your bank account dry! Furthermore, by considering the tips mentioned in the above sections of this post will ensure that the horse rug you have chosen will suit the needs of your horse as well.