In the UK the ownership of dogs and cats is pretty much equal. It used to be the case, going back hundreds of years, that dogs were by far and away the most popular pet. Cats do seem to be having their day, thanks to their over-occupation of the internet; however, for many, you simply can’t beat a dog.

Dogs are like humans in that they are very sociable animals. They still crave the comfort of the pack and so will search for this. They will see their owner as the top of the hierarchy, the alpha male, and so will usually treat them with the utmost love and respect.

It’s hard to generalise about any animal and they all have their own personalities. This is very true for dog and each dog is different. In fact, your dog might not be much of a pack animal at all. A dog’s personality will grow and develop along with yours. The relationship is always mutual.

Dogs have often been used as guard dogs; even in somewhere like Pompeii, we can see evidence of this. Whilst most domestic dog these days aren’t used as guard dog these days, they can still be used this way and some breeds of dog are very adept at protecting the home.

Dogs are great for your health. They need exercise and regular walks. In these days where health concerns are more pertinent than ever owning a dog is a great way to stay fit and trim.