When you bring a puppy home for the first time, it is likely to be an extremely exciting time for both you and your family. However, from being aware of how your child should treat your new addition to the family to how you should feed your pet, there will be many things to take into consideration right from the very start.

The first thing to remember is that the recommended way to care for any animal is liable to change over time. As such, even if you have cared for many puppies in the past, it will be wise to talk to a vet to see what care they will need. Not only might each breed of animal need a very different focus in terms of how they are treated, but the recommended way to feed and look after animals is likely to change as continued research enables experts to find out more about what really keeps animals safe, healthy and content.

It is also wise to remember that puppies will need very different care and nutrition than older dogs. Not only will they need to have food that is nutritionally balanced to meet their needs, and in particular their fast growth, but they will also need far more emotional interaction to help them settle into their new surroundings.

Speaking to your vet and finding dog food specific to your pet in terms of size, breed and age will all be extremely important, as will simply ensuring that you offer them the right training, social interaction and discipline right from the very start.

Old dogs can learn new tricks, but it is easier if they learn them from a very early age instead.