It would be easy if we could pinpoint exactly what kinds of pet food in what quantities are best for dogs generally. However, just like humans, no dog is the same. In fact, because of extreme differences between breeds, one dog might be very different to another. Did you know that you can get pet food that is formulated for different breeds of dogs, for example, formulated for smaller breeds like Yorkshire terriers? It’s OK if you didn’t, and perusing the supermarket aisles might give you a wrong impression.

However, look online and you’ll be able to see a huge range of different kinds of foods. These are tailored to various different aspects of a dog’s health and condition. For instance, if your dog is older you can get food that is tailored for senior dogs, i.e. containing the nutrients in the right proportions that are most likely to benefit your dog. Your dog’s lifestyle is also an important factor. It is very easy to generalise about different breeds of dogs, however, it is also a lifestyle that determines nutritional requirements. Is your dog very active? Then it will require more calories, perhaps a different food or a greater volume of food than a dog suffering from obesity. In many ways, it’s never been easier to feed your dog the best food in the right quantities and this is because you can find all sorts of food, pet supplies and general information online.