Pet Food

Three Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Food

Obviously all pet food that you may buy through reputable commercial channels will be safe for your dog to eat and will provide them with the nutrients they need to thrive, however we can say that not all pet food is created equal. Some will be better for your dog than others. Here are some tips for choosing the healthiest food for your dog:The ingredients in dog food are obviously what counts. It’s important, therefore, to familiarise yourself with what kinds of ingredients are most suitable for your dog in particular. Generally speaking, you should be looking at ratios of about 50% meat and 50% vegetables.

There are things in some dog food that are just there to act as filler and have little nutritional value. Again you can look for these kinds of things on the ingredients label, things such as wheat or grain are often used as filler. Lesser quality meat like animal connective tissue can also be found in many lesser quality pet foods.Just buying pet foods off the shelf is an easy way to feed your dog; however is it the best way? Well of course not and the more you’re able to research what makes a good pet food the better. Just as importantly, it is key to think about what kind of food will most benefit your dog in its current age, size or health condition. With this in mind, try and create a health profile for your pet and purchase food with this in mind.

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