It is important to have the right kinds of pet supplies. Because dogs are domesticated animals they do require our intervention if they’re to remain in good health. One aspect of pet care is making sure you have the right equipment and other supplies to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll need a lead and a collar. A collar is used to identify your pet, although micro-chipping is now ubiquitous. Using a collar also allows you to use a lead. Dogs need outside exercise and the most controlled way of delivering this is to put them on a lead, especially in areas like parks where there can be lots of distractions.

Grooming can be an important aspect of pet care. Not least, grooming your dog allows you to check for various health conditions, such as arthritis (you can look for swelling around the joints.) A well-groomed coat is less likely to harbour germs and parasites like fleas and ticks. You can get various kinds of equipment to help you groom your dog, such as dog shampoo, flea collars and brushes.

Finally but arguably most importantly there’s dog food, plus food and water bowls. The nutritional demands of dogs are notably different to our own and so you need to ensure you feed your canine high-quality pet food, which will help protect it from various health conditions further down the line.