Walking the dog might be one of the simplest ways to protect your dog’s health, (and yours for that matter); however, there are ways to optimise the activity. There are reasons why your dog gets excited when it thinks it’s going for a walk, why not make walking your dog extra special by following these tips:

Firstly make sure you have the right equipment, basically the lead and collar. If you buy an extendable lead then this gives your dog more freedom to explore the outdoors safely. Keeping your dog on a lead is very important, as your dog, in the worst-case scenario, could otherwise run away and get lost.

Here’s an interesting tip: whenever we’re talking about dog care and behaviour it’s important to remember that they are pack animals. Therefore, you should try and live up to your role as pack leader. On a walk an effective way to do this is to walk in front of the dogs, this reinforces the sense of hierarchy that is so important in canines.

Generally speaking, a dog will like to walk during the morning when they are most active. So, try and set aside sometime each day to accommodate this. Ideally, you should be looking at about an hour for walking time. Do remember that walking a dog is a great way for you to stay healthy too.