There are plenty of phone apps that do nothing but help us pass the time when we are bored. There are also apps that make our lives that little bit easier, saving us time or ensuring that we can multi-task with ease. And then there are apps with which we wonder how we ever lived without, and it is into this last category that a number of pet-focussed apps will one day fall.

Currently, many of these apps are still new to market and so their benefits and indeed their mere existence is not well documented. However, by choosing the right apps, pet owners may be able to care for their pets in a more focussed way and ensure that they are as healthy and as happy as possible as a result.

One recently released app measures the activity levels of animals, allowing owners to feed them the right food and indeed the right amount of food based on how many calories they are likely to be burning. However, the benefits do not end there, and by monitoring activity and in turn an animal’s behaviour, it may be easy for pet owners to get warnings about potential medical problems long before they might otherwise notice such issues.

Whilst pet social networking is taking the country – and now, the world – by storm, it is not the only form of technology that can help you give more to your animals. Instead, with the right apps and specific dog and cat accessories, you may be able to also keep them healthier for longer too.