Everyone appreciates a companion. A little friend to love and look after. No matter whether it’s cuddly or exotic and unconventional, a pet adds so much to any household. Something like a dog makes for a great family pet.

The kids will love helping out and taking it for walks, whereas a cat is perfect for busy singletons. Not everyone wants something tried and tested. What about a snake, a spider or a lizard? Tropical fish add a lovely ornamental feature to any home and a pond is perfect in the garden. Add some colourful carp or goldfish for the finishing touch.

Responsible owners do their research first. They don’t just buy a pet on a whim. These are living creatures, not toys to get bored of and discard. Each animal is different. Owners need to be fully aware of their needs and the costs involved in looking after them properly. An impulse buy is only going to end in tears.

When it comes to pet care some animals require more input than others. Fish for example are easy to feed. They’re pretty low maintenance, although tanks need cleaning out from time to time and owners need to change the water regularly. Cats can be left all day while people are out at work, whereas dogs need much more love and attention.

What unites all of these different creatures is how important their diet is. Get them eating the right pet food, the right mix of things to give them everything they need, and everything else just seems to slot into place. Nutrition is at the heart of responsible care and ownership.

Owners can shop for food down at the supermarket, but at a dedicated pet store, they can find loads more choices. Not only that, they can get help and advice from expert staff too.