Unless you work at an insurance firm, pet insurance policies can be difficult to decipher because they contain many unfamiliar terminologies. With such jargon, it may become difficult to understand you pet insurance and policies therein.

Here, I am going to walk you through some of the most common terms in pet insurance plans. With proper information, you can ask your insurer the right questions regarding your pet coverage policy.


Understanding this term is very crucial in case of the unfortunate demise of your pet. If your pet dies during the mandate of your pet insurance policy, you qualify for a benefits payout from your insurer. By definition, benefits is a “lump sum your insurer paid out” to you to cater for any associated expenses like cremation or burial of your dear pet.


When your pet falls sick, you pay the vet from your pocket then submit a claim to your insurer. Essentially, a claim is a request sent to an insurer for expenses incurred during a visit to the vet. Your pet insurance will provide you with a list of all items you can make a claim for. For your convenience, claim forms are available for download from the pet insurance’s website.


In pet insurance, a deductible is relatively straightforward. It’s simply the portion of a claim that you’re liable for paying. It’s essentially the amount that is deducted from a charge for pet medication or a vet bill. There are two types of deductibles: annual deductible and per-incident deductible.


Co-pay is essentially a small charge that you pay each time you take your pet to a vet. The rest is paid for by your pet insurance policy. It’s usually under $20 and is supposed to be paid before the insurance firm makes the rest of the payment.


There are items that your pet insurance policy does not cover; these are called exclusions. These could range from particular diseases or disorders to your choice of a vet. A specific, but common exclusion is a case for pre-existing conditions. Before you take up a policy, see to it that you ask as many questions as possible to get a full understanding of all exclusions therein. Insurance coverage with too much exclusion spells an imminent doom to your pet’s health.

Parting Words

While these are but just a few terms familiar to many insurance policies, never take anything that appears in your insurance plan for granted. Remember it’s your money and your pet’s wellbeing you’re protecting. See to it that you understand everything in your policy. Industry’s leader in pet insurance comparison, www.petinsuranceu.com not only offers you an unmatched pet insurance shopping experience but also furnish you with comprehensive information about all these terminologies.