Transporting your dog at any time, for any reason, can be a big challenge. Dogs are very territorial, and so exposure to new environments can cause great stress. Cars, in particular, are relatively enclosed spaces, and dogs can feel claustrophobic. Additionally, of course, cars move and this can cause further distress to an animal.

When transporting your dog to the vet in particular the above challenges are exacerbated. Your pet might have a painful injury, which can cause them to be agitated and vocal, so much so that it could affect safety in the vehicle. There are ways to improve the way you transport your dog to the vet, however, here are some tips.

Let your dog get used to the car before driving off. Because dogs are so territorial they are naturally suspicious of new environments. However, if you give your dog some time to get used to the car, it becomes a kind of extension of their territory, and so much less stressful. Ensure you transport your dog in a sturdy carrier. It might seem a little cruel to transport your dog in a carrier, however, it prevents them from causing harm either to the vehicle or themselves. Carriers can also have a calming effect on your pet.

Drive safely. It’s a statement of the obvious, but if you drive erratically this can stress out your dog. The sensation of being in a moving car can take a little time to get used to. For more advice, look for Hills Pets online for pet care tips and Hills Pets pet products.