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Pet Food

8 Surprisingly Poisonous Foods For Dogs

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Taking care of your pet means not only feeding them a healthy, nutritious diet but also understanding which foods are poisonous and potentially dangerous for your furry companion. Dogs in particular can be severely affected when given certain foods, all of which may not be obviously poisonous. Here are 8 foods to avoid giving your pet pooch. Continue reading

Pet Shops

Find out the best tips for comparing the prices of pets

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Thinking of buying a new pet this weekend? Well, there are plenty of pets who need a good home to foster. But before buying a pet make sure either you want to buy it, or it’s just an impulsive decision because they need proper care, attention and a huge amount of investment. So decide wisely, and then the next decision you have to take is where to buy your pet at low prices.There are many shelter homes who give pets for adoption, but they are very expensive because they adjust their investment cost as well. Continue reading


Pros And Cons Of Dog-Friendly Apartments

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There are various pros and cons of keeping dogs in your apartments. Before taking the dogs into your custody for take care, you should be aware of the pros and cons of it as well. All might have heard stories where dogs and other pets destroy houses and other things inside. They may sometimes do damage to the caregivers too. So be sure about everything and out write-up contains the positive and negative aspects of making a dog-friendly apartment. Continue reading