As anyone with a family will testify, as children get bigger they become more interested in the idea of keeping pets. They love the idea of a little furry companion like a dog, cat, hamster or rabbit. A pet can add so much to any household. They’re fun, mischievous, loyal and loving. There’s never a dull moment with one around. Plus they help to teach children about caring for an animal and being responsible. These are valuable life lessons.

Some animals are more labour-intensive than others. Smaller children will be better off with something like a hamster or a rabbit. As they get older and have a better understanding of what’s involved, they might be ready for a cat or a dog. They’ll enjoy looking after them, feeding them and exercising them. They really do add so much to any household.

Responsible parents do their research first. They don’t just buy a pet on a whim and make sure that children are ready to be involved in their care and welfare. One of the most important aspects of being an owner is getting their diet just right. Each creature is different, so when it comes to animal feed there’s no one size fits all approach.

New owners might be unsure where to start. With no previous experience to draw upon, it pays to take a trip to a dedicated pet store to get some advice. Here customers can find not just a great range of food, but friendly and knowledgeable staff who are only too happy to help.