With summer finally upon us a lot of people are looking forward some long, hot, lazy afternoons in the sun, but spare a thought for your dog. Pets suffer from the same problems of heat and overexposure as we do, so it’s important to bear in mind a few pointers so your dog can stay cool and comfortable in the hot weather:

• Exercise them in the mornings or afternoon/evening, keeping them out of the hottest time of the day, and make sure shady spots are available.
• Never leave your dog unattended in a hot car—age old advice, but some people continue to ignore it.
• If you’ll be going on a long journey make sure to bring some form of shade, plenty of water and pet food to keep him going.
• Don’t let your dog stand on tarmac too long—in the hot weather it can quickly heat up and could potentially burn your dog’s paws.
• Groom your dog regularly as getting rid of excess hair will keep them cooler, but don’t shave the hair off completely as sunburn could be an issue.
• Be extra careful if you’ve got a dog that’s prone to overheating, including those who are older, overweight or who have heart or lung disease.
• Certain breeds are more susceptible to heatstroke too, particularly those with a brachycephalic (squashed nose) head shape.
• If you keep your dog outside make sure he’s got shade and water and that his housing has suitable ventilation, but you’ll still want to bring him indoors during the hottest time of day.

If you bear in mind these points you’ll be able to keep your dog cool in the heat so everyone can enjoy the summer ahead.