You stay away from home and leaving your et to themselves can make them very angry and very antsy and when you come back home from work either they are very mad at you or either they are so full of energy that they want you to play with you and if you want they will be drawn away from you.

This behaviour is even more common when it comes to cats because cats are already moody enough. So to keep your pets entertained you must think of a few ways to keep your pet occupied and entertained so that when you get home they won’t be so much energy and will want to cuddle with you instead and this will also give them something to do while you are at work instead of wandering around in the house and damaging things.

Following are some of the things that can keep your cats occupied

Bird feeder

Cats love watching birds so either you can get one in your home but if you don’t want to take the responsibility of another pet then you can install a bird feeder or some other such things where the birds could come and your cat can have some fun time watching them.

Cardboard boxes

Have you ever left a box around your cat? Well if you have, you must have known by now that how much cats enjoy playing with a cardboard box. They like going inside these boxes and having space for themselves so you can get your cat its very own cardboard box and can keep them occupied.

Music for cats

There are some very relaxing sounds and music for your cat ears and you can play that for them this way they will be relaxed and won’t get anxious without you while you are away. You can get this type of music from the internet very easily.

Fish pet

Getting a fish pet will also keep your cat occupied since they love watching them too but make sure they are out of their reach otherwise your fish can go through some damage by your cat’s attack.


Cat toys are no news to us and they are something that your cats love these toys can keep them entertained and also the best thing about them is that you can even get bored of these toys because they can play with them for a lot of time.

Skype your cat

You can also Skype with your cat and can talk to them during your work breaks so they won’t get bored and you can do that with any of the devices that are compatible with Skype.

Paper bags and paper

Get you to cat paper bags because it’s not only the cardboard boxes that are the source of cat entertainment but paper bags too. Cats also like shredding these papers and they can do that while you are away.

So these are some of the ways you can entertain your cats.