How to Keep Dogs and Cats out of Your Garden

Dogs and cats can cause a lot of problems for your garden. They can scare away garden birds, can threaten your own pets or simply dig up your favourite plants. You might think that all attempts to keep dogs and cats out of the garden are inherently futile, you’d be wrong.

One of the reasons you might want to keep dogs out of your garden is that you’re worried about the garden birds. Cats are actually a huge threat to garden bird populations. If you want to make your own cat less of a threat to garden birds then you can fit it with a bell.

Keeping other people’s pets out of the garden might be a bit more of a challenge. However, it is possible.You might install a motion sensitive sprinkler system. These will deter pets in a very safe manor, and water does work.

Fencing will obviously keep unwelcome guests out. Put fencing around parts of your garden that you’re worried about, such as a chicken coop.

You can actually get sonic deterrents too. These emit a sound that is not audible to us humans but very annoying to animals.When you’re looking for pest control products and you can look online. The internet is a great place to shop for pest control supplies, which are typically quite hard to track down on your local high street.

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