Travelling with Your Pet

More and more people like to take their pets away with them when they travel. If you are thinking about holidaying with your pets this summer, then make sure you have some of the necessary travel pet supplies to hand for when you pack those suitcases. Here are some of the most common items you could need.

1. Your Pet Passport. There are different rules depending on where you are travelling to and from, but by and large your pet now needs a passport to be able to travel so sort this out well in advance of your trip. The passport will certify that your pet is healthy to travel and has had the right vaccinations, so you’ll also need to organise this.

2. Pet Carriers. Cats in particular don’t always travel that well and can become confused or distressed by their new surroundings. To make the journey easier, and safer, for everyone use a pet carrier. This will also help to keep the rest of your car clean and free of fluff and hair. You should also bring a portable litter tray for during the journey and also for when you arrive.

3. Toys. During a long journey, you’ll start to get bored and restless – and so does your pet! While some dogs and cats may fall asleep easily on the journey, others will want to expend their excess energy from being cooped up. Bring a few toys with you for the trip – the familiar smell will also help to keep them calm.

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