Interior design has never been more popular amongst house proud Brits, but when it comes to personal style should this extend to your horse’s stable? Equine accommodation must be safe and practical first and foremost, but this does not mean that you need to compromise on appearance. As the yard is likely to be a place that you spend a good deal of time in, it make sense to create a space that reflects your personality as well as a home for your horse, so we have drawn up our top ten decorating ideas to make your stable stand out.

Style Statement With Your Stable

  1. Let there be light

Lighting in the winter months is an absolute must and can make mucking out and caring for your horse much easier than fumbling around with headlights. But why not take a leaf out of this designer’s book and install grand light fittings to make a statement in your stable?

  1. Wonderful work space

From riding schools to stud yards, if your stables double up as your business then you are going to need some office space in which to meet clients and complete paperwork. With a bit of imagination, a lick of paint and some durable damp-proof soft furnishings you can soon convert a spare stable to a work space with wow factor.

  1. Block it

If you have several stables on your yard then why not colour code them? This not only adds colour and personality to each stable, but it can also be extremely useful for livery yards and riding schools where equipment can be colour coded to match so that it is used for one horse only.

  1. Frame it

Got a whole bunch of rosettes this season? If block wall colours aren’t your thing then why not proudly display your favourites in a lovely vintage frame to add a splash of colour to your tack room.

  1. Terrific tack rooms

If not well maintained, the tack room can become something of a dumping ground for boots, bridles and equine paraphernalia in busy yards. Make like Ralph Lauren and transform your tired tack room into a super chic organised space complete with stunning emerald walls.

  1. White is the new black

If you are looking to update your stable yard on a budget, then whitewashing is for you. A couple of coats of good quality stable paint and you will instantly lighten and brighten your yard.

  1. Room with a view

Anyone looking to totally revamp their stables should consider this wonderful open stall design. Created to maximise light and space in a barn, these open stalls facilitate good ventilation whilst enabling horses to see each other whilst stabled.

  1. Stirrups and stables

Door handles are a must have in a practical working area like a stable, so why not personalise your doors with bespoke handles made from everyday equestrian paraphernalia? Bits, buckles and spurs can create interesting yet functional handles for your yard.

  1. Accessories are everything

If you are renting your stables then don’t despair, there are ways you can add a personal flair to your equine home such as these imaginative wind chimes. This example is made using old horseshoes but you could use bits, spurs, stirrup irons or pretty much any metal item for a decoration with a difference.

  1. Memorable moments

From your first riding hat to your first rosette, there will be mementos that you will cherish forever. Why not mount your memorabilia onto a padded frame on display for all to see at your stables and relive the magic in your memories?