There are various pros and cons of keeping dogs in your apartments. Before taking the dogs into your custody for take care, you should be aware of the pros and cons of it as well. All might have heard stories where dogs and other pets destroy houses and other things inside. They may sometimes do damage to the caregivers too. So be sure about everything and out write-up contains the positive and negative aspects of making a dog-friendly apartment.

f Dog-Friendly Apartments


  • When you take dogs for keeping, be sure about the dog selection. In the USA more than 50 percent people have pets so you will have a broad choice for selection. Moreover, you can earn profit by keeping dogs in your apartments and you may charge higher as well. You will get money and company of dogs side by side.
  • If you keep dogs with great care and love, it will be good for you as you may advertise for apartments with good demand. Your quality services will attract the dog owners and you will ultimately get a good number of dogs in your apartments. This will results in your more income.
  • Later on when you become successful in setting up your business, you may put your apartments on rent or keep other servants who will control and manage the dogs. You will be just sitting and enjoying more earning.
  • Try to look for those owners who can keep their dogs for longer times because it will increase your income and profits. The more the dogs, the more will be your profit rate. You can attract such dog owners via advertisements on internet and in the locality you are living in.
  • You quality services and better take care will force the maximum number of owners to bring their dogs in your apartments. Establish a well settled, quality-oriented and delivering service for dogs in your apartments. You may hire professionals who can treat the dogs, can feed them, can maintain their health and intakes as well. By spending a little more, you can set up a very good business permanently as the pet owners are not less in number so the chances of success are higher.
  • If the pet damages your house or property, you may claim for the compensation to the owners and you will be provided happily.


  • If you are providing apartments for the dogs, you should be aware of the fact that dogs might not be well trained and well mannered. They may damage your house, your property, your children and anything.
  • Your pet apartments may be source of disturbance for the people living around you. Dogs usually bark louder and consistently, so it may be a problem for you and your family as well. Try to good and well trained dogs with minimum risk of such cons.
  • If you are not trained and have no experience either about the dog cares, it might be hard for you to take care of them. Washing and removing stains from the dogs might be difficult for you.
  • Your workers and other tenants might be not happy with the dogs because they feel unsafe and unprotected in many ways. They may be allergic to dogs, their smell and noise.
  • You can get more money in form of dog insurance and their foods.
  • If the dogs become dangerous, the fear of loss and damages to anything and any person.

We pin our hopes that the detailed points about the pros and cons of the dog-friendly apartment will help our readers to decide before creating an apartment for pets.