If you are worried that your pet may have picked up internal or external parasites, then diatomaceous earth is an excellent, efficient and natural way of getting rid of it. Diatomaceous earth is a safe and non-toxic substance that is a major element of the fossils of living life in freshwater organisms. Resources are pushed into a fine powder and can be used only as an Exeter link depending on the grade.

It is sold by a variety of companies, however, it is always best to buy from a recognised retailer such as Diatom Retail, to ensure you are getting excellent quality diatomaceous earth.

How it Works

Diatomaceous earth works in a strictly mechanical way. It is not a poisonous parasite, but rather kills them in a more natural manner. The microscopic edges of the diatomaceous earth powder are extremely sharp and when it comes into contact with the parasite or insect, it pierces their outer shell and dehydrates them. It also affects larvae in the same way, so can often kill off an entire infestation in a couple of applications.

The powder works in different ways. For external parasites putting a small amount of diatomaceous earth onto the back of the neck of the infected animal and also around the house will help to kill off the infestation.

For internal parasites, it is important to give your pet food-grade diatomaceous earth. This can eliminate a number of different parasites such as worms, roundworms, and tapeworms and needs to be taken for around 30 days to ensure that the entire cycle of the worms has been killed.


The dosage of diatomaceous earth that you will give your pet will depend on their size, and the reason for taking it will depend on the type of animal that they are. Most retailers, such as Diatom Retail, will be able to offer you this advice free of charge and let you know the best way to cure the parasite infestation within your animal.

The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

If you have already tried to purchase worming tablets or flea sprays for your pets you will notice that they are all full of a variety of chemicals that although may not be dangerous, may not be particularly pleasant for your pet.

Diatomaceous earth is an effective and natural way of removing parasites from your pet without having to resort to chemical methods. Parasites will never become immune to diatomaceous earth as it works in a purely mechanical way and using diatomaceous earth will not affect the health of your pet.

So if you think that diatomaceous earth may be an excellent alternative to your current process of getting rid of parasites from your pet, then give it a go. It is an easy and relatively cheap method to use so there’s no harm in giving it a try.